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Outdoor Lights, Garden Lighting, Patio, Driveway and Entrance Lights

We provide a fantastic array of outdoor lighting to businesses, offices and home across Ireland. 

We have everything from patio lights to pond lights, solar lights to recessed floor lights, path lights to spotlights. We have practically every kind of light in stock and you can make your orders online and get them delivered within a few days.

We have so many outdoor lights in stock since we understand that the outside of the property provides a bigger canvas for your creative ideas. Indoor lighting is essential too depending on the room you install it in but outdoor lighting does not have restrictions based on space or specific rooms. Therefore, outdoor lighting allows you to experiment and express your creativity to the fullest. 

Outdoor lighting can be the best way to highlight the best views of the lawns, shrubs, trees, and other natural and landscaping features. They can also be used to light up walkways from the office or house to the garden. The best lighting for such lighting up landscapes and walkways are typically low level and ground lights which are best at illuminating important features. Some of the lights we have in stock for such use include spike lights which can mark the planted border when driven into the ground. The light from such lights can make for a dramatic effect when it bounces off bushes and shrubs. For water features, we do recommend our pond lights which can either illuminate the surface of the water or be refracted through it. 

Another reason our outside lighting is so practical is that it makes outdoor spaces of offices, clubs, pubs, restaurants, homes, and hotels useable even after dark. Of course, lighting also provides security and safety for the people on the property after dark. Upstanding path lights and sunken lights make public areas a lot safer even as pond lights reduce the risk of someone walking into open water. Motion sensors, particularly when combined with good outdoor lighting, can be very effective at deterring criminal activity.

Finally, we provide outdoor lights that are dirt and water resistant as they have ingress protection certification. This is what makes them have more brilliance that is referred to as Cusack lighting. 

What Types of Outdoor lights Do We Have in Stock?

Listed here on our website is an incredible variety of outdoor lighting that includes:
  • Outdoor wall lights – these are typically attached to walls or any other vertical surfaces
  • Accessories for outdoor lights – These include controls, connections, spares and any other thing you need
  • Bollard and path lights – include motion sensitive, classic and modern lights
  • Smart Home – Outdoor lighting with app control and CCTV cameras
  • Pole lights – multiple and single lamp pole lights
  • Pond Lights – provides long lasting, safe and strong waterproof lights
  • Outdoor Spotlights – We provide LED, halogen, timed, PIR and solar lights
  • Outdoor Pendant Lights – dazzling lighting that you can hang outside the home
  • Pillar Lights – The biggest advantage of these light sis the low power consumption
  • Patio and Terrace Lights – These enhance and eliminate your outdoor spaces
  • Outdoor Celling Lights – Great for lighting up verandahs and porches
  • Outdoor Design Lights – Unusual lights that are just as interesting during the day as in the night
  • Solar Lights – mosquito repelling, novelty, spot and wall lighting

The Types of Outdoor Lights we sell  

We have tons of fantastic outdoor lighting options that come in vintage, shop, Scandinavian, office, modern, Mediterranean, maritime, industrial, restaurant, hotel, designer, rustic, country house, and antique styles. 

Should you get motion sensors?

Most of the lights especially the ceiling, path, pillar, flood and wall lights we have in stock come with dusk and motion sensors built into them. These make them very convenient as they light up the property to provide peace of mind and safety. For instance, you can get one and install it at the doorway to the garage. The motion Sensors in the lights will help to cut costs as the lights will only come on when it is dark. 

What are the best bulbs to use?

This is one of the most common questions that we get and our answer "is always go for LED if you can". LED uses significantly less power as compared to energy saving spirals, which require several seconds to warm up.

Are these lights suited to Coastal areas near the Sea?

If you live near the coast, do not buy any steel or aluminum lights as these are more prone to rust and corrosion. Select heavy duty brass or plastic lights which are typically made from Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Check out our collection of lights suited for the coast here. 

Is the light bulb built-in?

Most of LED bulbs for outdoor lighting are built in. If you want to determine if the bulb is built in or not, consult the specifications on the product page. If you do not find any specification mentioning a base type, it means that the bulb is built in. Such lightbulbs typically last from between 20,000 and 25,000 hours. 

How Do I Install an Outdoor Light?

If you have a rudimentary knowledge of DIY bulbs, you could install most of the lights as long as you have access to the detailed step by step instruction leaflet that is included in your package. If you are not sure that you can install the outdoor lights, consult a professional electrician who will safely install them for you.
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