FUMAGALLI Marta 90 2L Black Garden Lights

FUMAGALLI Marta 90 2L Black Garden Lights

Cusack Lighting

  • €39,99

Marta 90 Up & Down 2 light bulkhead with no visible screws. This 9Watt LED bulkhead boasts a unique resin formulation with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. It is virtually maintenance-free and will never discolour or fade, even in the brightest sunlight!

  • A modern bulkhead lamp made from a shockproof resin material
  • UV stabilised 
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Up & Down Light Emission
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling installation
  • High quality siliconce rubber gasket
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Resin Body Black
  • Shock proof resin material
  • Opal PMMA Diffuser
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