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Wide range of high quality bathroom ceiling and wall lights, traditional or contemporary. Alongside the ceiling lighting, wall lights a great way of adding an extra dimension to your bathroom and make things even more interesting. Bathroom wall lights are perfect above sinks and next to mirrors, where they serve a more practical purpose.

There are things that you need to take into consideration before installing indoor lighting for your bathroom.


1. Hire an electrician to install the bathroom lights. 2. If you need to get more utility out of the bathroom, get ambiance lighting which will turn any bathroom into a perfect relaxation spot. 3. Install several light sources for your bathroom – get one for area lighting (think mirror lights) and one or more for general lighting (think ceiling lights). 4. Follow the requirements of protection zones for moisture-prone rooms – These require that you install appropriate lights for every protection zone in the bathroom.

Transform your bathroom into a convenient and tranquil living space!

The bathroom is more than a room where you take a bath, brush your hair and get yourself tidy. It is a living space. Does this sound like an exaggeration? Then try to shave or put on your makeup without proper mirror lightning, or not trip yourself on the laundry basket you never saw because you do not have a proper ceiling lamp. It is the installation of the small, even subtle lighting extras which make the bathroom a true living space. Here we are talking about subtle installations such as smart LED bathroom lights that can change colour, or dimmable LED panels with cutting edge EasyDim technologies.

Which lighting is most appropriate for the bathroom?

The bathroom is a living space – even if you do not associate anything in the bathroom with the living room. Nonetheless, just like every living area, it needs to have lamps for at least local and general lighting: 1. Local lighting – facilitate the performance of visual tasks such as shaving or putting on makeup 2. General lighting – Makes it possible to move around the space without tripping or bumping into objects or walls 3. Ambience lighting – Provides a cozy comfortable mood General lighting is crucial for orientation – For instance, if you have to clean the bathroom, sort the laundry or just use the toilet. It makes it possible to wash, shave or put on your makeup without shadows interfering. Conversely, ambient lighting turns the bathroom into a relaxing space for your well-being.


General lighting is usually provided by ceiling lights. One of the most popular designs is the chrome colored elements on white, which often makes for an elegant and clean look that works with most bathrooms. Not to your taste? No worries, we also provide ceiling lights in country-house and vintage designs too.


The most common place to install wall lights is by the mirror. However, wall lights can complement the general lighting in the bathroom. It is critical to ensure that there is no glare, which means that the light bulb should be invisible. As such, it is best to install the light fitting at a height of about 1.70 to 1.80m or about two thirds up the wall.


Space may be an issue in small bathrooms and hence you may need lighting that does not take up too much space. Downlights not only provide style but also practicality. This is the reason you will find them in places such as hotels and even in some swimming pools. However, you need to know that you can only install your downlights in suspended plasterboard ceilings.


If you need to light up a bathroom in an even fashion, nothing does it better than multiple bulb spotlights. Just like with bathroom wall lights, take glare into consideration when installing spotlights. It is never comfortable lying in the bath with a bright light in your eyes when you want to relax.


Mirror lights are important in the bathroom, given that you cannot help but block some of the general lighting when using the mirror. This can cause the formation of shadows, which is something you do not want when you are shaving or applying makeup. To deal with this, an additional source of light, typically the mirror lamp is installed in the bathroom. With at least Ra 80 of colour rendering these are very good lamps especially when you take into account that they are free of glare.


LED lights are the best for the bathroom whether they are LED ceiling lighting, LED spotlights, or LED downlights. LED bathroom lights are easy to maintain, save energy and are very durable since they are made using advanced technologies. You need to ensure that you get a level of brightness and good colour rendering that will be a good fit for your needs. This is particularly important especially if you have built-in LEDs since you cannot replace them at a future date.


While there is no simple answer, the nature of the room is one of the most important considerations. This will include things like the colour of the ceiling, walls, tiles or the angles and dimensions of cabinets and other fittings. You need to tailor the lighting to the room given that what may be excellent for one bathroom may turn out too bright or too dark for another. Don’t want the hustle of determining just what is the appropriate lumen level? Well, you do not have to. The professionals at Cusack Lighting know all about lighting and will offer the best lighting advice. You can find the contact details of our specialist support below.


Ensure that you check to ensure that you have the right IP code for the bathroom lights you get – electricity and moisture could be a deadly combination. Note that you should always have your bathroom lights installed by a professional electrician. The professionals will have a good understanding of the safety norms of DIN VDE Part 701 and will ensure that they install your bathroom lights safely. The bathroom typically has several protection zones. The centre of these is zone 0, which is the shower. Every protection zone has specific regulations governing how bathroom lights should be installed. Protection zone 0 – within the bath or shower. You can only use lighting fixtures with IP code IPX7 and safety extra-low voltage of no more than 12 volts. Protection zone 1 – Vertical limit of shower or bath. The only lights you can use are those with IP code no less than IPX4 and safety extra-low voltage of no more than 12 volts. Outside of the shower area, the zone extends to an area of about 120 cm from the shower head. The height limit is typically 2.25 meters. Protection zone 2 – the area is 60 cm around protection zone 1. The recommended IP code should be at least IPX4. You will need at least an IP code IPX5 if you will be using jet water such as those for massage heads. You should never use transformers in protection zone 1 and 0. Power switches and points should never be used in protection zones 0, 1, and 2.

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